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Thursday, April 17, 2014

photo 13
 Summer Olympics 2012 was a BLAST. This was one of my favorite trips because London was extremely packed in Summer of 2012 and filled with loads of events for the Olympic competitions and also outside of the Olympics. I stayed with my cousins and visited other extended family and friends who helped make my trip a complete success and busy with fun.

I stayed in London for 4-5 weeks where the weather was sometimes hot and sometimes cold around July and early August. I attended the opening ceremony of the Olympics, went on the London eye, shopped like crazy on Oxford street, visited the Queen’s beautiful palace (Buckingham Palace), made too many visits to Nando’s (my addiction), and did lots of other random things like ice skate, visit the cinema, museum, and attend girls night with friends.

If you haven’t been to London, you should consider visiting because it’s a beautiful and busy city that you can never get bored in. There are plenty of pictures since my trip was so long. So hope you all enjoy. x

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photo 10 All of these pictures were taken with my camera/phone and uploaded by yours truly. Hope you liked them!! xx

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