Pre-Summer Moment

Sunday, May 18, 2014

LSU Grad 070

Although the calendar indicates that summer starts in June, summer has officially started for me in my mind lol. School season is technically over and my body is officially in vacation mode. I haven't really traveled since the year has started because of my busy schedule so it's time to catch up and have some real fun.

I wore this pretty outfit combination for a graduation party for my trip in Baton Rouge. The pants were a daring style for me since I normally don't wear designs such as this one and I loved it. I went shopping in London some months ago and bought these pants, waiting for the right occasion to rock them. Perfect for this type of weather with a sleeveless top to compliment it. Thankful for a bit of sun with complimentary breeze. When weather like this comes, definitely have to take advantage. Love & blessings to you!

LSU Grad 071 LSU Grad 074 LSU Grad 075 LSU Grad 076 LSU Grad 078 LSU Grad 080 LSU Grad 083 LSU Grad 085 Earrings: Forever 21 , Top: Asos , Pants: H&M , Shoes: Charlotte Russe

LSU Grad 086 LSU Grad 087 LSU Grad 088 LSU Grad 089 LSU Grad 092LSU Grad 095

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