Yard House

Monday, May 19, 2014


Lunch Time!!! .... And anyone that knows me knows how much I love a really good meal. So me and my girl friend decided to have lunch at Yard House, located at the La Cantera Mall in San Antonio, Tx. I try to add different dishes that I have tried to my list when going out but I've had this plate of Jambalaya before and it was screaming my name lol. It's sooo delicious and they give you the choice of picking Jasmine rice or spicy rice. I'm not a huge fan of spice so of course I chose Jasmine rice.

They add small bits of shrimp, sausage pieces and bell peppers to make add more flavor to the meal. It comes in a lunch portion and a much larger portion called the dinner plate. If you ever come to San Antonio or visit a Yard House in a town near you then I would definitely recommend this beautiful plate of Jambalaya. Cheers!!


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  1. Just one prawn? I hope you complained.

  2. There's plenty of small pieces of shrimp in the sauce. More than enough actually! ;)