New Year, New York

Saturday, June 7, 2014

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Ahhhh can never get tired of New York. But this cold weather almost took me and my friends out lol. We knew it would be cold but we were not ready for the aggressive cold and the wind that was packaged with it. We managed with what we had and doubled up on our outfits along with hot rub on our bodies lol.

Nonetheless, this trip was mad fun. I went with one of my close friends and my best friend. We got to see the ball drop for the first time, shopped a lot, ate a lot, and did plenty of sight-seeing. We had so much fun dancing in the streets and laughing at each other's jokes. One of my best trips that I will never forget. So far the year has been great to me and I am happy to make it through half way. Hope you guys enjoy. Bless! x

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