Beginner Things! - Eye MakeUp

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

 Now I see why their are soo many MUA's. Applying make-up is actually fun but the eye make-up is what always got me. It was always a struggle to do even the most simple looks just for the day. I was curious of how MUAs created such beautiful artwork in the eye area and felt that it was the most important part of applying make-up but also the most difficult part. I found that it is actually very simple and after practicing with some of my favorite Youtubers I was able to use some of my favorite colors and blend them very well creating some simple and pretty looks. I've come a LONG way lol but their's still more to learn as make-up is also used to compliment one's personality and style. Hope you guys like so far!!

I used a light purple and gold color and blended the two for the first eye look with minimum eyeliner and I used a light bronze and soft blue for the second eye look. <3

photo 3 (18)