Casual Sweater & Jean Look

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Beginnings 119 copy

So we're officially half way through the month and the end of the year is almost here. One thing that I can say is that I have continued to learn a lot about myself as I grow in age and in my career. I am so excited about this Christmas, probably because I have everything that I need and my family is here and healthy. This look was created by scheming through my closet for a casual and fun look. I'm seriously my own stylist and I try to make everything that I wear tasteful no matter how old or new it may be. Thanks to my brother for taking these amazing shots. Been working hard so hope to share more with you guys. Lots of love to you guys!!!!! x

December Beginnings 134 copy December Beginnings 136 copy December Beginnings 139 copy
Sweater: Forever 21

Pants: Primark UK

Shoes: Agaci

December Beginnings 142 copy December Beginnings 152 copy December Beginnings 156 copy December Beginnings 168 copy December Beginnings 169 copy December Beginnings 176 copy


  1. You did a good job styling yourself. your shoes are soo gorgeous.