Jean-on-Jean Flow

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Beginnings 232

Happy December everyone. I hope you guys are starting off the last month of the year the best way you all know how. I've been trying to keep up and stay busy with positive thingsand just really enjoy myself in the midst of all my work and busy schedule. I really love this jean-on-jean style because it will never play out. I had fun with this look as I added my fairly new handbag and favorite colored heels. It's perfect for the weather since the shirt is short sleeve and the weather keeps changing. It literally turned from warm to freezing weather lol so crazy. But as the weather keeps changing and the things around me, I hope to grow and become more active and adapt as I go with the flow. I hope to express myself and my style through this month's journies and inspire as well as be inspired by others constantly. Love you guys and thanks for visiting. Hope you guys are ready to enjoy this month with me!!!!

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Outfit Details:
Necklace: H&M

Shirt: Forever21

Jeans: Forever21

Jacket: Primark UK

Bag: Steve Madden


  1. The two tones of denim are great together. Love the addition of the jacket. THe blue heels are fantastic! ;)

  2. Its amazing how time flies and we are in December already meaning last month to make everything count.. whoop whoop. Looks like the weather is nice where you are which is a bonus for ur great mix. Love the look.

  3. I know right and yea Texas weather is always up, down and in between lol. Thank you!! x