Simple Black Out

Saturday, December 6, 2014

November Ending 002 copy

Hello Beautiful People. Hope everyone is enjoying the start of their weekend so far. It has been a sunny day in the "H" so far so no cold weather this morning which I was actually getting used to. However I'm excited to finally wear this basic black dress that I bought while shopping for the fall/winter season as well as my fairly new black heels. It's not too short or long but perfect for hanging out all day or for going out to gatherings or a dinner. It's so simple and pretty. Love the side shoulder detail and the slightly extended length of the dress at the back. As I have been managing my yarn twists, I decided to do a basic high bun. Although it looks easy, it took me some time and help of a friend to make it perfect. Hope you guys enjoy this look. More to come as I have done some shopping for my fall/winter haul. Enjoy your weekend and loads of love to you guys! xx

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Dress: H&M

Shoes: Guess

Watch: Kenneth Cole

Earrings: Forever21